Cincinnati Province - The Cincinnati Province is one of the three provinces of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in the USA. The headquarters is in Dayton, Ohio, and St. Charles remains the central house of the province.

Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics - The Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics is housed in a beautiful chapel built in 1892 and displays more than 1,000 authenticated relics, representing the second largest collection of its type in the U.S.

Maria Stein Spiritual Center - The Spiritual Center, sometimes referred to as the Retreat House, is located near Maria Stein in rural Mercer County, Ohio, about eight miles south of Grand Lake St. Mary's.

Mercer Health Hospital - Mercer Health Hospital is the nearest hospital to Saint Charles Senior Living and is located in Coldwater, Ohio.

Grand Lake - Grand Lake was constructed from 1837 to 1845 and has 52 miles of shoreline and is approximately 9 miles long & 3 miles wide.  Grand Lake is the largest body of water in the world that was built without the use of any machinery.

Celina Chamber of Commerce - The Celina Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of business and professional men and women who have joined together for the purpose of promoting civic, economic, and social progress of Mercer County.

Auglaize & Mercer Counties Convention & Visitors Bereau - The Auglaize & Mercer Counties Convention & Visitors Bureau is a two-county non-profit organization.  The purpose of the Bureau is to promote tourism and to attract tourists and conventions to Auglaize and Mercer Counties.



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